Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Bohol is a place in Philippines. It has many tourist spots like beaches, museum, man made statues, etc. Moreover, it also has good people that are friendly, good and humorous. People over there have different stories in life.

As of now Bohol really improves a lot that’s because of the leaders that really do their job in order to improve the place’s environment. Also, it had some crime that we can’t deny. In fact crime scene there is everyday.

Moreover, people living  there is now okay about what happen to Bohol for the past months about earthquake and was really about 7.2 magnitude. Some people are dead because of falling debris and I really imagine how hard for the people in that place living because their house had crack and they have no food to eat and to shelter. Donations have been flooded after what happen and by that Boholanons have move on to a better one.